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and fees

SAF Landscape Design are able to offer a full design service consisting of the stages shown on this page. This process will take your garden project from inception through to build completion with the chosen contractor.

Alternatively a bespoke service can be offered depending on your requirements. Please get in touch to discuss your project.

Fees for the design of a small garden start from £400

Why have your garden designed by a professional?

Enhances the value and desirability of your home

Makes the best use of your outdoor space

Makes your garden an attractive and relaxing place to spend time in

Avoids many of the pitfalls you would encounter by doing it yourself

A well designed outdoor space improves your personal wellbeing and mental health

Provides planting solutions for difficult situations

Allows you to be introduced to trusted professional landscapers to complete the project for you

Free Initial Consultation

This is the first meeting with the you which allows me to understand your requirements and aspirations for the garden. It is key to understanding the space and allows initial ideas to be discussed. This meeting is followed up with my written brief and design fee proposal. 


Concept Ideas

A full measured survey is carried out. This provides an accurate plan of your garden, including your boundaries, level changes, existing trees/plants, utilities and services. This drawing forms the basis for accurate design works.

Then, various design concepts, 3D visuals, mood boards, plans and sketches are provided to give overview of how your finished garden could look. This will lead to your final agreed master plan.


Detailed Design

This includes detailed construction drawings, specifications and schedules, required by contractors to cost and build the garden. Every element of the project is considered from paving finishes, through lighting to drainage. These drawings also enable contractors to price the works accurately.


Planting Details

Detailed planting plans and schedules are produced for your garden. Plants are chosen that suit the desired style and the characteristics of the site. A maintenance schedule can be produced to ensure you, or your gardener, is confident in looking after your garden for years to come.


Contractor Selection

You are free to appoint your own contractors to do the work, or I can recommend local landscape contractors to carry out your garden build. On your instruction, I will forward a package of drawings and specifications to a selection of trusted local landscapers to quote for the work.


Site Monitoring and Planting Service

A site inspection service is available during the build, to ensure the project is built to the correct standards in accordance with the specification and to control the quality of the work. This allows me to respond to any changes caused by the site or originating from you as the client. This service is generally limited to two or three site visits throughout the course of the project build. I can then be available to arrange delivery of the plants and plant the garden in accordance with the drawings.

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